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PMI ~ When Performance MattersTM

Proformance Manufacturing, Inc. (PMI) was founded by Mr. Gerald (Jerry) Beranek in 2008. Jerry is an industry expert with 20 plus years of experience in glass and window manufacturing. An early adopter of sustainable products, Jerry’s personal mission is to create premium window products that provide the comfort, beauty, energy efficiency and long life we all desire—and to manufacture them in a process that itself is energy efficient and uses sustainable materials. PMI-About

Proformance Manufacturing Inc.’s search for the best material to achieve its multi-faceted mission led them to fiberglass. Fiberglass is not only the best material available for manufacturing windows that have all the positive attributes sought by homeowners and contractors, it also allows PMI to achieve its desire for energy efficiency and sustainability.

PMI has also taken its commitment to achieving its mission one important step further. 98% of all materials required to produce ECOSTARTM and ProStarTM windows come from within 70 miles of PMI’s manufacturing facility in Lone Rock, Wisconsin. This nearby material sourcing significantly reduces the transportation component of the energy cost to produce PMI window products.

Additionally, PMI leadership is continually committed to remaining a “homegrown” business that provides opportunities for other local businesses and always strives to employ local talent.

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