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Why PMI?



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Why PMI?

ECOSTARTM and ProStarTM New Fiberglass window products have the following superior attributes that enhance the comfort of your family and eliminate maintenance issues forever!

  • Highest Strength & Durability
  • Superior Insulation Properties
  • Superior Contraction/Expansion Properties
  • Will not Rot
  • Will not warp, bow or crack
  • “Greenest” product available

The unique materials of construction allow ECOSTARTM & ProStar’sTM Fiberglass window system to outperform the competition

  • Wood is prone to rot, warping and cracking.
  • Vinyl products warp, bow and crack. They also expand & contract with extreme temperature changes.
  • Both Vinyl & Aluminum consume far more energy in the manufacturing process.
  • Aluminum offers minimal insulating value.

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